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Carousel is the perfect solution to park as many cars as possible in the least amount of space. Our carousel/rotary parking system allows you to park either 14 SUV-size or 16 sedan-size vehicles in just space

There is no need for a parking attendant; Simply insert the key and press your parking space number and the pallet will rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise. It will automatically figure out how to rotate from the space number. We listen. we answer. we deliver. Starway designs, manufactures, services and installs automatic and mechanical parking systems. This technology is designed to counter the growing problem of efficiently managing automobiles in areas where there are problems of overcrowding, zoning and crime, and land is scarce and expensive.

Eco-friendly Low pollution, no exhaust smoke up and down ramps and looking for a place. Low construction cost, low excavation cost and low floor slab. Land Saving Automated Parking Systems use 30-70% less land than a conventional garage requires. Low maintenance The operation cost is low and less energy is required to run, typically ~1kw per cycle time. Features and benefits Increased rentable areas Real estate returns to rentable areas.